Liner Notes zur CD "Something Wrong With You":

The "small big band" has been an important part of the development of jazz since Miles got his
"Birth Of The Cool" nonet together in 1948. Usually between nine and eleven players, it offers the arranger enough colour and texture to work with without the heaviness of a full big band.
When we started this project we went back and looked at not just Birth of the Cool, but also the Thelonious Monk Orchestra, Teddy Charles Tentet, Lee Konitz Nonet and the medium sized bands from Gil Evans and Marty Paich. To this illustrious history we´ve added our own particular enunciation and flavour, creating a sound that is (hopefully) easily identifiable in a jazz-historical context but also offers a few surprises along the way. (Ed Partyka)

Music must play a moral role in our soul deadened society of fast food and mass media "entertainment". It is becoming increasingly difficult in this day and age to fight off sensual stagnation and this music is an attempt to stem the tide - one small drop in the bucket.
I have found that knowing the tradition is the best avenue to new ideas and have been inspired by
Ives, Bartok, Webern, Bach Coltrane and Monk. For me there is no conflict between classical and
jazz and likewise between old and new - it is all one continuously flowing musical stream.
I´ve also tried to stay away from institutions and people that deaden the soul and suck the senuality
out of life. I prefer to learn and explore on my own and use real life experience as the basis
of my education. (Flip Philipp)

1) Put Me On The F***ing Radio
2) Never Go To Bed On An Empty Stomach
3) Bad Follows Good
4) Waiting For Nellie
5) Women & Work
6) Honolulu Lilly
7) Singing In The Bathtub
8) Muse
9) Commercial Intro
10) Strictly Commercial

Honolulu Lilly is a melting pot of melodies, rhythms and shifting meters which eventually
"melts down" into some freaky freeness.
Women & Work was inspired by "When the Saints…" I took the New Orleans feel and Klaus
did some wonderful orchestrating, including writing for our three bass clarinet players.
Muse was inspired by a Jimi Hendrix song and has alot of unison lines distributed through the
brass and woodwind sections, giving the whole thing a disjointed feel.
Singing in the Bathtub is a bossa-nova inspired by a Charlie Parker solo lick from a tune I´ve
long since forgotten.
Waiting For Nellie turned out to be my favorite tune on the CD with a wonderfully dark mood
created by Ed´s arrangement and bass trombone.
Never Go To Bed On An Empty Stomach is something my grandmother always said to me.
It is a medum swing complicated through a slightly uncomfortable seven bar form.
The shout chorus is actually a transcribed vibraphone solo I played at a gig with my quintet last year. Put Me On The Radio is a dream of mine. If I´m every going to get radio airplay I´ll have to change my whole concept and outlook! Mmhhh…
Strictly Commercial comes conceptually from the same place as "Radio" and is taken a step further away from commercial music with Ed´s free intro and Clemen´s rocking bass clarinet.
Bad Follows Good is a pentatonic melody shifting between five and four and a nicely pessimistic
way to end this CD. Just remember: Things can always get worse!