Wolfgang Schiftner, as
Bernd Satzinger, bass
Herbert Pirker, drums

"Musik im Grenzbereich von Auskomponiertem und Improvisiertem,
Jazz und Avantgarde, Kunst und Zynismus."
Kelomat wurde 2002 vom Saxophonisten Wolfgang Schiftner gegründet
und gewann 2003 den Austrian Young Lions -Wettbewerb.
Wolfgang Schiftner erhielt im Rahmen des Hans Koller-Preises 2004
ein New York Stipendium, Herbert Pirker ein Jahr davor.

"The music of Kelomat is modern avant-garde jazz, that relies on art and
cynicism, all means of improvisation, constant interaction, and mostly delight
in playing. Novel arrangements, reharmonization, new sounds, and the release
from fundamental harmonic structures are the characteristic elements of Kelomat`s
musical outlook. Unlike Kelomat, few young musicians like to admit that their music
follows a pattern, but still allows their own musical diction to ring through.
Wherever the improvisational journey of Kelomat begins, their use of the most unlikely
idioms always leads the trio to that essential place: pure musicality.
Wolfgang Schiftner`s compositions are characterized by musical contrasts,
free and organized music, dissonance and harmony. He never sets foot on the
safe ground of the musically foreseeable. (The Washington Post)

Beginn 20h30
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