Wolfgang Schiftner, saxophones,electronics
Leo Riegler, turntables,electronics
Lukas König, drums, prophet5

"Helicopter111 is classified as a rotary-wing, musical machine to distinguish it
from conventional fixed-wing music-producers. The first single-rotor, fully
controllable helicopter111 to enter large full-scale production was created by
Leo Riegler, Wolfgang Schiftner, and Lukas König in August, 2006.
Compared to a conventional fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter111 is much more complex
and hence more interesting to listen to. It operates fast, has a wider range and
unrestricted musical energy. The advantage is its maneuverability:
helicopter111 can hover, reverse, and above all take off and land vertically on stage.
Moreover, the pilots are able to respond in a very sensitive way to whatever happens
on board. Subject only to refueling facilities and cargo, a helicopter can travel to any
location, stage and land anywhere."
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Beginn 20h30
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