Joe McPhee, pockettrumpet, sax
Paal Nilssen Love, drums

Der Eine ist mit seinen 78 Jahren längst Legende, der Andere - eine Generation
jünger - am besten Weg dazu.

Und dann sagt der Ältere über den Jüngeren:
"I find Paal to be a teacher, I've learned much from him and in our conversations
we find various paths that we can explore. I don't think we ever discussed what
we were going to do, or how were going to do it. We just engage and find a way.
It is always very organic. "
Und Nilssen Love über McPhee:
“He's completely free. He feels free to do whatever he wants. He is his own music.
He is explicit, he is serious and he has fun. Joe is the perfect example of how
young a musician or person in his 70s can be. He's still challenging himself and
investigating new paths in music."

Anspieltipp, für den man allerdings etwas Zeit braucht:
CANDY (PNL 2015) / 7 CD-Box


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